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Leaving a Puppy Alone at Home for the First Time: How to Prepare?

We know that leaving your puppy alone can be a worrisome event, especially for the first time. Today, our Grayson vets share some tips on how you can prepare for your puppy to be left at home alone without having to stress.

Leaving Your Puppy Home Alone

At one point or another, your dog will be left on their own. A dog needs to learn how to function independently if its human companion is not around so they can stay safe and not suffer from separation anxiety while on their own.

Below, our Grayson vets give you some tips and suggestions to help keep you and your dog relaxed when they inevitably have to be left home alone.

When a Puppy Can Be Left Alone

Calling your puppy your 'fur baby' is not that far off when you take into consideration how much care they require, much like a human baby. We are often asked ‘Can I leave my 8-week-old puppy home alone?' You obviously wouldn't leave a baby home alone whatsoever, but you should not be leaving your 8-week-old puppy alone for even a few hours. Although they aren't as dependent as a human baby, they can develop anxiety and get into all sorts of trouble if left alone at this age.

At this stage of their life, they have just been weaned and require regular, routine feedings and bathroom breaks. It is commonly recommended to wait until they are 3 months old before leaving them home alone. If your puppy cries when left alone for even a few moments, even if you're just in another room, you should know that they are not ready to be left alone quite yet.

Preparing for Your Puppy to Home Alone

Before leaving your puppy home alone, you should:

  • House train your dog. There is nothing worse than coming home to a mess because your dog decided to destroy things as a way to deal with their anxiety.
  • Take some time alone. Take a little time when you aren’t focusing on your puppy so they can get used to not always having your attention. This can be as simple as closing the door when you take your shower or not acknowledging them while you are reading a book.
  • Set up a space for your puppy where they can access their water, food, bed, and toys. Having the necessities of life in easy access removes a lot of stress.
  • Puppy proof all spaces your dog will have access to while you are away. You might want to baby-gate them in or keep them in one room.
  • Have your puppy socialize with other people. This means if you need to take them to a sitter or have someone check in on them they are less stressed.

Leaving Your Puppy Alone for the First Time

  • Start small. Go out by yourself and take a walk around the neighborhood and gradually increase the length of your outings
  • Do not make a big deal out of leaving. Leave calmly. If you are calm your dog has a better chance of being calm.
  • Return Calmly. If you don't make a scene about coming home your dog will be more likely to be able to treat your coming and going as routine resulting in a calmer dog.
  • Leave some clothes you have worn so they have your scent. Dogs have a great sense of smell and can be comforted by familiar scents.

Leaving Your Puppy Outside During the Day

Although leaving your pup outside while you're gone will prevent them from destroying your house or going to the bathroom indoors, you should still make sure they are well-trained and equipped to do so.

Puppies can still get into all sorts of trouble outside, and the outside noises and smell can be overwhelming for puppies, especially if they don't have the comfort and support of their human companion.

If you need to leave your puppy alone for hours or more at a time, whether you plan to leave them inside or outside, consider alternate options. See if you can have a friend or family member watch your dog, or consider a boarding facility to take care of your pup while you're away.

Note: The advice provided in this post is intended for informational purposes and does not constitute medical advice regarding pets. Please make an appointment with your vet to accurately diagnose your pet's condition.

If you need a place to board your dog while you're away, you'll need to make sure your dog has all their necessary vaccines? Contact our Grayson vets today to get your dog up-to-date on their vaccinations.

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